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Hire a Mixologist

Mixology is no easy science. It is more than just making a drink and Rhubarbar brings you the chance to Hire a Mixologist In Nottingham for your special event or occasion.

One needs experience & understanding of different tastes, brand knowledge & the skill to entertain. Afterall, mixology includes a performance & aims to not only deliver a delicious beverage but entertain you with the skills of flaring, fast pouring &

incredible creativity.

At Rhubarbar, we have a team of experts that specialise in hosting, serving & performing. We can help you by providing the best bartender who specialises in working a crowd & entertaining your guests. This is perfect for every event, from weddings to birthdays, office parties, Christmas parties, & so on. You can either opt for bar & staff hire where we provide you with shopping list & you bring-in the ingredients or you can also opt for full service bar where we provide both bar, staff menu & the ingredients.

Beyond Drinks

Our trained bartenders will not only serve refreshing and delicious drinks of your preference but will take care of your both alcoholic and non-alcoholic needs. Whether you need invitations for your event, posters or banners for your charity auction, we can accommodate all your marketing and design needs.

If you would like custom variations of traditional cocktails, we will cover it for you. With us, you get the best mixologist on hire in Nottinghamshire. No ingredient or recipe will be too difficult when it comes to designing a perfect cocktail for you and your event.

Why Rhubarbar

Anyone who is looking for a team with an ability to pull up the bar while tiptoeing around the pitfalls needs to look no further. All you need to do is let us know the scale of your requirements and expectations and we will cater all up to the best of our ability.


Everything can be arranged and tailored according to your needs.

For more information or getting quotes for our packages, please refer to our contact details.

Booking Your Event

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